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Channeled Conversations

When you work with the Quantum fields, interesting things can sometimes arise. Sometimes beings suddenly come through with messages, but you can also initiate contact yourself to start a conversation. This is the content you will find on this page. Channeled conversations or interviews with beings not of this planet or dimension.

(16 min.)

Jeroen The Guide & The Galactic Federation Of Light

Jeroen is a guide who guides my client from the other side. We were talking about the new earth when suddenly a being from the Galactic Federation of Light knocked on our door with a message. Unfortunately, the vibration of the being could not be held long enough to receive the entire message. But rest assured, we'll be back in touch with the federation soon to hear what they want to tell us.

(19 mins)

A Conversation With Spiritual Guide Caesar.

Sarah is one of my best friends, unfortunately she recently had to put her best friend Caesar to sleep. Ceasar is now guiding her around the other side and we thought it would be a nice idea to do an interview with him and ask some big questions.

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