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Activations are designed to activate dormant aspects deep within our being in accordance with the highest good of spiritual advancement. They are gentle, yet very powerful and wonderfully beneficial to everyone. If you want one of these activations, please let me know before the session starts.

Once spiritual activations were reserved only for high initiates of the ancient mystery schools, now they are available to all of us and will open our awareness of our true nature and allow for a fuller expression of our gifts, power and light in all aspects of life. to live. The light they bring to all aspects of our being is incredibly healing and powerful. Would you like an activation via a QHH? Let me know in our conversation before your session.



Heart Crystal Activation

Brain Activation

God Code Activation

Starseed Activatie

Kundalini Activation

13 Chakras

Hartkristal Activatie

DNA Activation

Stargte Activatie

Stargate Activation

The Stargate was formerly used by Atlantean priests and priestesses in the Golden Age of Atlantis to communicate and connect with the cosmic energies and extraterrestrial interdimensional civilizations. Since the fall of Atlantis, this gate has been shut down until now. An activated Stargate means you get a better connection with the universe, your guides, your galactic family and so much more.  

An activation of this stargate can be experienced intensely.

Starseed Activatie

Starseed Activation

Starseeds are traveling souls from other planets or dimensions who incarnate on Earth to inspire and heal humans, and participate in the planet's evolution. This activation will help you connect to your true home and inner star power

Hart Activatie

Heart Crystal Activation

​The heart is so much more than just a muscle that pumps blood through the body. In reality, it is a multi-dimensional crystalline structure. Most people's crystalline hearts are "dusty", and usually inactive due to past bad relationships, hardships, broken hearts, etc. With a heart activation, you can increase the love power and energy that flows through the heart crystal. The more active/open your heart crystal is, the more you can love yourself, others and everything else in creation unconditionally.

Brain Activation

The brain is the control room of the body. The computer hardware. You may have heard before that humans only use a minimal capacity of the brain. This low activity plays a major role in the disconnected and out of control mind and ego of the average person.


Our brains are out of balance because of their limitations, which means our ego and mind follow suit. A healthy, active and balanced brain calms the mind and ego. If their home is clean and balanced, so will they be. ​ A brain activation brings harmony in the left and right hemispheres, it activates more 'dormant' parts of your brain (which increases your IQ, makes you think more balanced, less brain fog, responds faster to stimuli, .. .). The Heart-Mind connection will become more balanced. ​

Kundalini Activation

The Kundalini allows for the free flow of energy through the Chakras, leading to an expanded state of consciousness. The Kundalini energy is a spiritual essence that appears as a coiled serpent at the base of the spinal cord, near your sacrum. An active and awakened Kundalini is extremely important for a healthy and smooth energy flow through the body. When we activate the Kundalini, it will rise through the Chakras, along the spine, to the base of the back of the skull and attach.


Most of our DNA is inactive, passive. With an activation we bring these sleeping powerhouses online. When we activate the "junk DNA" as science calls it, they will bring more of your spiritual potential to the forefront. They will become the "solar panels" of your inner light. The white light of your soul can then easily anchor in the physical body. This will help you embody more of who, and what, you really are. You will be more receptive to the energy, light and messages from Source and Spirit.

God Code Activation

​This is the most powerful activation. The God Code is a specific set of light codes created by the Source, intended for all beings of the universe who are willing and ready to receive it. These codes are imbued with the magical energy of the Source itself. An activation of the God Code will bring these light codes from the highest dimension down into your astral body, where it will merge with your energy and charge you with Source/God's energy. ​

This activation is All-encompassing. As a Higher Self once told me when I inquired, "It's called the God Code for a reason." With an activation of these codes, life literally becomes lighter in every way. The illusion of time will be noticeable and time will speed up considerably. Your manifestations will be performed much more quickly. You will generally feel more at peace and one with creation. Literally and figuratively you walk lighter through life. Everything will be positively affected.

13 ChakrasActivation


This is a new blueprint of the Chakra system. When we upgrade the 7-Chakra system to a higher vibration, a higher density, they will change shape. From 2-sided funnels to perfect spheres. Due to the higher vibration, the colors will also shift (only the Higher Chakras) and some functions as well. The old Chakras still exist, but are more intense and brighter. ​

6 new chakras will appear, creating a system with 13 chakras. What does that new chakra system look like?

​ (1)Root Chakra - Red

Themes: ​

Safety in the body and on earth.
Take care of yourself.
Realization of yourself in 3D.


​(2) Creation Chakra - Black ​

​Located between your red and orange chakras. ​


​Bearing ​​the power of the inner creative power/manifestation-Christian consciousness. ​


(3) Sacral Chakra - Orange


​Be responsible for yourself, your actions and consciousness development.
Surrender to the flow of life
Mood and feeling
Sexuality and sensuality

(4) Navel Chakra - Transparent

The Chakra related to full enlightenment. Not much is known about this at the moment.

​(5) Solar Plexus Chakra - Yellow

​Themes: ​

Be the boss yourself
Define borders
Being self-aware (in a good way)
De-identification of illusions
Embracing the "it is what it is" philosophy
Self respect
Be true to yourself
Focus and decisiveness
Self realization of love

​(6) Spleen Chakra - White

​Between the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras. This is the seat of the Avatar. Your humanity. The White Chakra is the mother of the Earthly Chakras and connects them all ((1) Root - (2) Sacral - (3) Solar Plexus) in harmony and love. ​


​ Allowing unconditional love to flow through you and your life.
To be able to distinguish truth from lies and illusion.

(7) Heart Chakra - Pink ​

The brighter pink your Heart chakra becomes, the more you will love yourself and others. ​

Themes: ​

Love for yourself, others and everything else in creation.
Seeing the light in the dark and the dark in the light with unyielding compassion.
Survive → Live in grace. ​

(8) Thymus Chakra - Clear Blue ​

This is the chakra of inner peace. ​

Themes: ​

Let go of the fighting.
Let go of the struggle with yourself and the people around you.
Accept yourself for who you are. ​

(9) Throat Chakra - Purple Blue

The throat chakra is the center of expression. ​

Themes: ​

Living your truth.
speak your truth.
Not be influenced or manipulated by the opinions and truths of others.
Recognizing the value and value of your expression/being.

​(10) Mouth Chakra - Green ​

The Mouth chakra is the seat of the soul. ​ Envelops the heart, thymus and throat chakras.


​Committing yourself to be your authentic self.
become one.
Devotion to your soul's will and path.
Feeling the passion of your soul. ​

​(11) 1st Third Eye Chakra - Violet ​

The 1st Third Eye Chakra is located between the eyebrows.

Themes: ​

Be without judgement.
Trusting your intuition and Divine guidance.
Embrace your shadows and heal them. ​

(12) 2nd Third Eye Chakra - Turquoise

​The second Third Eye Chakra is located perpendicular to the 1st Third Eye Chakra, at the back of the skull.


​Comprehensive consciousness.
To be truly aware of how life and spirituality work. No illusions.
Practical Spirituality: The inner knowing is radiant, no mind chatter that hinders your true knowing and seeing. ​

(13) Crown Chakra - Gold


​Connection to the infinite Source.
Connection to your Higher Self.
Connection with Spirit and Angels.
God consciousness. ​

Brein Activatie
Kundalini Activatie
DNA Activatie
13 Chakra's
God Code Activation
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