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Dit is GEEN Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT)!

What is Quantum Voyage Healing Experience?


QVHE is a new Quantum Hypnosis technique that I have developed where the focus is not on experiencing and healing past lives. The focus on past lives is certainly very powerful and life-changing (QHH), but also limited in intention and outcome because it locks in the energy what will come to you and what experiences you will have (past lives - contact with guides/higher self). What if there is a place, experience or being that has nothing to do with your past lives that can bring you the most growth for your self-development and spirituality? In other words, there are so many untapped potentials that are possible with Quantum Hypnosis.


With Quantum Voyage Healing Experience, we break open that infinite potential completely. We let your experience be determined by your subconscious mind and soul. They know exactly what you need and can bring everything to you through this technique in order for you to receive the insights, healings, cleansings and activations that you are ready to receive that are not attainable by going back to past lives with Quantum Healing Hypnosis. In this session your subconscious mind or soul is given the freedom to take you on a powerful soul awakening, healing and re-energizing journey. A Quantum Hypnosis experience where everything good is allowed and finally possible for your highest good.


With QVHE you are not going to encounter traumatic or heavy experiences. It's all about soul development, empowerment and enlightenment. 

Some people need to connect with their soul, their origin and their power. It's is the ideal way to discover this. This session is perfect for both beginners and the more experienced.


What can I expect from a Quantum Voyage Healing Experience?

Through my own Quantum Hypnosis technique, I will bring you to the starting point of your journey after which your subconscious/soul will take you to where they want to take you to, traveling to different places and experiencing various eye-opening experiences.

  • Healings

  • Activations

  • Getting in touch with higher energies

  • Getting deeply connected with your essence

  • A personal awakening process

Examples of (Dutch) QVHE sessions.

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