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When I first heard of Quantum Healing Hypnosis, I was intrigued but a bit skeptical. Then my girlfriend took a session and was completely transformed as a result of the clearer energy she showed up in her life with after the session. So I took the leap and scheduled a session with Ruben, and though I was completely sober, I have never felt such a psychedelic transformation in my whole life.


I journeyed through 5 past lives, got clarity on 22 questions I had about life before the session, and left the call feeling so clear, abundant, fulfilled and confident in the direction of my purpose’s expression in the world. I HIGHLY recommend a session with Ruben for anyone who is feeling a lack of confidence or certainty in an area of their life, or who feels unable to tap into that wellspring of joy and purpose that we all know is possible in life.


In the few years that I’ve known Ruben, he has been so focused on growth, spirituality, and all things metaphysical. That and Ruben’s extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the universe and cosmology makes him the perfect trans-dimensional and quantum guide!


My sessions with him have helped me so much. Not only have they helped give me some much needed answers, but they have helped me come into my power, be more confident, and stay more grounded throughout any situation. All this while also instilling in me again a beautiful childlike sense of wonder, in awe of the magic of the world again.


My experience with Ruben was absolutely life changing. I learned so much about myself and it helped me release energy that wasn’t serving me. I had a miracle happen the same day of our session and finally sold my house that had been weighing on me for years! I can’t recommend Ruben enough, he’s truly amazing at what he does!


I felt comfortable during my session. Ruben was very grounded and his voice was relaxing and easy to listen to. I felt something that I never felt before.... towards the end of my session, I physically felt like my body was spinning and lifting up. Once it got more intense, one of my angels presented themselves to me and it was the most comforting feeling ever. I’ll never forget it. I got emotional at the end of my session and I felt that Ruben really held space for me to let go and connect.


I had heard about the QHHT session given by Ruben through a friend. By nature I am a very realistic person but someone who is open to new experiences. I had no idea what to expect. The result was a journey to 4 different lives and a conversation with my Higher Self. The funny thing was that I heard myself talking but had absolutely no control over this. Not only did I leave with a calm feeling, but I also received many answers to questions that I had been struggling with for years. The first 45 days after the session I felt slightly lost, I had a hard time with something my Higher Self had said, after those 45 days I suddenly got an explanation for that statement during a dream and I really relaxed completely. Now months later I am back, much stronger for a long time. I have my energy back and all thanks to Ruben


Not really knowing what to expect, but stimulated by curiosity, I visited Ruben. I didn't really know what to expect but would just let it happen. Ruben first gave a clear explanation of what a session would contain and how it would go. Once in the room, I completely surrendered to his soothing voice and felt completely at ease. It was a long, but very nice journey through my past. One aspect kept coming back and it is nice to know that I was always a creative and happy person. I look forward to the next session to get even deeper insights.


Thanks to Ruben I came into contact with QHHT for the first time. I already had some experience with classic hypnosis, but I had never heard of QHHT. So I didn't really know what to expect and felt a bit uncomfortable in the beginning.


That uncomfortable feeling was gone pretty quickly because Ruben gave me a feeling of safety so that I could easily let go of control and put my thoughts aside for a while. That is really important for me! I experienced the session as very pleasant and relaxing, but it was especially interesting to discover new parts of myself. In addition, I was made even more clear how important rest is to me and I received clear guidance from my Higher Self. With a smile I came into contact with this and I often think back to our conversation when I want to take on too much again. I also liked that I could listen to my session afterwards to hear the conversation, because I didn't remember much of it. I see that as a positive thing because it means that I felt safe to surrender completely to the process.


Like a vivid dream, I traveled back with the help of Ruben's guidance to the true roots of my soul. You travel through time and space until you suddenly come home to a body that feels strangely familiar. I knew almost immediately who I was and what my name was. I could feel the grass under my feet and hear the people singing around me. From that moment on I felt brave enough to step forward, it was as if a secret door had been opened in my brain to a room full of books of old memories. "This is me too!" occurred to me. I did not have a feeling of fear.

After Ruben contacted my Higher Self, I felt a primal force descending within me, Which strangely enough did not feel new, It had always been there. I felt very relaxed, as if I had never heard of worry or stress. Just 'Wisdom'. Thanks to Ruben, I finally got the answers to the questions that captivated me for years. Questions that I never thought I could get an answer for. Not on my own anyway.


I finally got to know myself. Ruben has the gift of reassuring you and will support you with angelic patience until you are ready to take the next step. He has gained my confidence and friendship.


A QHHT session with Ruben is a very pleasant and enriching experience. He takes his time and guides you optimally through the process. I was quite nervous and skeptical because I find it hard to let go of control and I cannot visualize.


Ruben reassured me that it was okay so that I could still start with an open mind. He will work with you to find the best way to end your session successfully.

Nice e-mails that I am allowed to share.

Hi Ruben,


I would like to share with you my reflection of my session that you guided a week and a half ago. In any case, I can imagine that it is valuable for you to hear back about the effects.


It was a journey for me! I watched part of the session. I can imagine it will require a lot of patience from you. While you waited in silence, I experienced all kinds of things. Not in images, but in emotions. And they were usually difficult to share, I couldn't find the words to them. So I have traveled a long way, lived through things that had to be lived through, without knowing what literally happened. After the session I was calm and at the same time emotionally and physically exhausted.


And further….the session really brought about a shift in my life. So it has brought much more than my original intentions. I feel even more free.


And then there are the habits that have changed without me having to do anything!

  • Being able to breathe deeply again, that is of course very great in itself!

  • I spontaneously started to eat mindful (something I wanted for a long time, but couldn't). I no longer compulsively eat snacks in the evening (I tried for years to change, I couldn't).

  • My last sense of rush (in the car sometimes) has disappeared

  • I feel my boundary even more clearly (and I have also clearly expressed it, that was very binding)

  • Until now, no energy has been lost in worrying about money, even though there is no income at the moment


It's all together almost unbelievable and yet I'm not making it up

Of course I am also aware that it is too early to judge whether it is all permanent and at the same time I know somewhere that it does work for me and that I will not relapse quickly (or only temporarily).  


Ruben, I want to say a huge thank you for your patience and dedication, your expertise and confidence in what you are doing and your clear guiding masculine energy during the session. That made it easy to surrender to this journey, which was more exciting than I expected (at the beginning of the journey when the first strong emotions came I thought 'oh no, what have I started?'). And I also want to thank you for your universal and unconditional love for the people you guide, for me that was very tangible. I am aware that it is precisely the combination of all these things that has caused these shifts.  


A grateful greeting,


Hi Ruben!


I'll write to you shortly. Maybe too long :-) I try to make a short summary of the session. The next day I was devastated. All kinds of emotions ran through my body. Now I do. But it is good. It's magical and I'm so very happy to have met you. Really, what you do is a gift. And I wish you all the best and hope you can help many more people. It's really fantastic what you're doing. The peace and confidence you give was also really nice.  


The session:

Dungeon, round stone cell, locked up, powerlessness, incomprehension, not understanding what happens and why people do this, feeling defeated, stoning, loneliness, the rebel in me was shut down. Witch? I think so. And while it wasn't quite clear in the session, I think I died in that dungeon. All alone and exhausted.  


(A strange incident that I now remember… I went to Mallorca with colleagues a few years ago. I slept alone in a dark and small room with all bricks. I yelled at night. 'Let me out! Let me out! And I banged on the door really hard until I woke up the whole house. I thought it was very strange, but dismissed it as a nightmare.  But now I know where that enormous panic came today...!!)


During the session I also felt the woman who lived in nature and saw that my garden had an influence on health. Felt peace and strength in nature and being alone.


I think this session has taught me that nothing and no one can put out the fire in me. That has happened in the life I saw. I remained true to myself, but I was totally unable to cope with 'the outside world'. I was betrayed and shocked by so much meanness. 

That is why this life was shown to me. It's time to let go of this helpless feeling. I don't have to be afraid to step forward anymore. To show myself. To get in touch with my intuition. The extreme fear that I will be 'maligned' again is no longer necessary. I can let that go. I can be who I am.


That's why I saw the diamond. A diamond cannot be broken, no matter how hard you throw it. He continues to shine. Life here on earth is a school and my soul determines what it wants to learn. The deep core always remains powerful and untouched. No matter what. It is so easily said 'You are a soul on Earth', but I have actually felt this. And that's wonderful. Like I'm going to live my new chapter from a different perspective.


A new chapter. You have given me insights and a kind of reset so that I can start my new chapter clean and free. This is so incredibly valuable and I really thank you from the bottom of my heart!  


Lots of love!


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