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About your session


You create (optionally) two lists of questions yourself that you want answers to maximum 15 questions, one for personal and life questions and another for health and body questions. You may email them to me before the session. You can also come to the session without preparing any questions.


Before we start the session we have a conversation to get to know each other and discuss why you want a session and what to expect.


Know that no two sessions are the same, as we are all different and have different pasts. It is best to approach this without expectations and just be open to whatever you are going to experience.


The session is recorded so you can watch or listen to it afterwards. I highly recommend this because most people forget parts of their session.


You can choose between an online session (using the free program Zoom) or a session in my practice.


Preparing for your session


  • Mail two lists of questions (optional) at least 48 hours before the session, you can also bring your questions on paper.

  • An appointment takes on average 3.5 hours, including a pre- and post-session, this varies from person to person.

  • Please do not plan any work or stressful activities on the day of your session.

  • It is recommended to do an activity before the session to clear your head such as walking, exercise, yoga, meditation, qi-gong, etc.

  • Do not drink alcohol on the day of the session and the day before. Coffee on the day is preferably avoided or very limited.

  • Eat a light meal before the session and eat something small after the session.



Online Sessions


  • I need to hear and see you clearly. Webcam and headphones or earbuds with a built-in microphone are necessary.

  • Test out your audio and video before entering the Zoom conversation.

  • Make sure you can lie comfortably. Preferably in your own bed or on a soft sofa.

  • Be sure you can't be disturbed.

  • Turn your cell phone off or on airplane mode.

  • Have a glass of water ready for the session.







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