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What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis is a powerful healing method that combines deep relaxation techniques with hypnosis to access: past lives and the subconscious or higher self.  This state of hypnosis allows access to the most important and relevant lives and experiences. Here you can gain great insights and healing in your present life.

The past explains the present. Current behavior patterns, fears, psychological, mental and emotional problems and so many other things that hinder us in our lives can have their origin in the distant past. Through Quantum Healing Hypnosis we can explore, release and heal these so that you can live your best life. You can also get in touch with your higher self, spiritual guides and other beings who can offer guidance, support and healing.

It is a powerful tool for personal and spiritual growth and healing, and it can help you reach a higher level of consciousness. Afterwards, you will have a deeper understanding within yourself and a better connection to the spiritual world.

Example: You have difficulties receiving and giving love. This could indicate a bad or even traumatic experience from a past life where those energies  have been carried over to this life in the form of a blocked heart chakra. ​ An example would be that you were born into a poor family and put up for adoption.


As a child this hits very hard and you think you might grow up believing you are not worthy of love. This creates an energetic blockage and limiting belief in your energy. If this is not healed before death, you will take it with you to the next lifetime.

Example 2: You have unexplained separation anxiety and an allergy to cats from a young age. You are always on guard.


The cause could be that in a previous life you experienced a traumatic death as a gazelle. You were drinking at a pool of water with your herd. Suddenly the herd ran away, you were the last to leave. A lion ran after you but you were not fast enough and died (this example is from a session)

What can I expect from a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session?

  • You'll experience it all yourself.

  • You come to know why your life is the way it is.

  • You gain insights into who you really are and what your role is in this life.

  • You'll experience a deep spiritual experience.

  • You come to know what kind of past lives you have had.

  • You will find out why certain physical, emotional and mental difficulties are present.  

  • You will experience a healing energy and purification.

  • You will contact your spirit team or higher self.



At the end of a session, an energetic body scan is performed. The subconscious, higher self or spirit guide has the ability to detect and identify problems in the body and explain the causes, whether in the current life or a past life. subconscious, higher self or spirit guide is then asked if it is appropriate and possible to heal, which, if so, is done immediately without the need for medication, surgery or pain. It is often enough to understand why a complaint or illness is present .


Healing can take place if an individual wants to be healed and if it does not get in the way of his or her life's goals and lessons.



Entities are consciousness energies just like you and me that do not have a physical body. These include souls who have not passed to "the light" after the death of their bodies. Call it heaven or your soul's home, it is the place we all return to after our incarnations.


These consciousness energies, for their own respective reasons, have not found their way to the light and wander around our earth. This explains the phenomenon of "ghosts." These lost souls can attach themselves to living people, these are called 'entity attachments'.  They often cause various symptoms in the life of the person they are attached to. This is because their soul energy merges with that of the person, so their blockages and beliefs are also mixed with that of the person in question.

Most entities are not aware of any harm and have no malicious intentions, they simply want to be helped over. 


In my sessions, we look for entity attachments if the client wishes and I help these entities transition.

This is what you can often hear at the beginning of my more recent sessions that I share on my Youtube and Spotify.


Working with entities in your session is completely optional.

All well and good, but what does such a session actually look like I hear you ask yourself.


Well, the session I am sharing here took this man's subconscious mind to a past life as a medieval beggar and then to a life of someone who saw his society destroyed by a volcanic eruption.

Are you ready to dive into your subconscious mind and receive the insights and healing you are looking for? Then book your session soon.

Book an online session at a € 20 discount

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