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Energetic Therapy


The energetic healings that I do, I do together with my spiritual team, beings of light who, as it were, assist in the treatment. This is a powerful yet gentle energy that contains immense restorative qualities. Together with cranio-sacral techniques, it creates a deep-acting relaxation and healing cure on all bodies and levels.


I strongly recommend this treatment if you suffer from stress or anxiety.

Specific complaints can also be addressed in a targeted manner, such as neck & shoulder complaints, back complaints, infections, ...


This energetic therapy helps with:

  • (Chronic pain

  • Relaxation

  • Accelerated healing of the body

  • Reducing (or even removing) symptoms of all kinds of complaints

  • Depression

  • Fear

  • Fatigue

  • Neurological disorders

  • Developing general well-being

  • Removing negative energy

  • Cleaning the aura

  • Physical Blockages

  • Emotional Blockages

  • Mental Blockages

  • Energetic Blockages




A session lasts 60 minutes and costs €65

A remote Zoom session is possible.

This treatment takes place on a massage table where all (loose) clothing is kept. There is a short conversation beforehand to get to know you better and to see what you need.

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